How can we help you find a solution to your teeth grinding?

We have developed a network of dentists that have a special interest in this under-diagnosed problem. We have assisted these dentists extending their training to provide a cost effective and clinically proven treatments for you.

Traditional treatments involve the wearing of night time splints. These are very uncomfortable and very unpopular. They are still a treatment option, but the don’t stop the grinding. They only stop the results of grinding. So if you chose this treatment, expect to be using them for a lifetime.

The alternative is a quick treatment that can last for months. No night time discomfort. There is scientific proof for the effectiveness of the treatment and the use can lead to longer terms changes to the muscle that can break the vicious cycle.

Solve your teeth grinding problem! Don't waste any more time!

Get in touch with us and we will get you the best priced local treatment provider that can see you at the best available time.